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(no subject) [Jun. 6th, 2005|04:26 pm]
Leg@L ___ DrUg :/:/:
[mood |disappointeddisappointed]

All right.

Bluntly: I spent the most of yesterday uploading Last Quarter. Three comments out of twenty-five downloads to tell that they were downloading. Since it's summer, I was thinking about uploading concerts and such. But it's not worth the effort anymore.



Takui - Far Eastern

H.O.T. - Do Or Die

Luna Sea - Sandy Time

J - Gabriel

Kuroyume - SEE YOU

Nightmare - Star Knight

Violet UK - 7th

Kimeru - Chain of Mind (Eccentic Version)

Hakuei - Guilty

MELT BANANA - We Will Rock You

Miyavi - Saisaisainara Byebyebye (featuring PSY)

KOTOKO - Trust You're Truth Ashita o Mamoru Yakusoku

Oblivion Dust - Sneer



Acidman - Colours of the Wind (PV)
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(no subject) [Jun. 6th, 2005|08:20 am]
Leg@L ___ DrUg :/:/:
Gah. x_X;; Schoolwork kept me busy for a great long while, and then finals, and then finally coming home and going out to run errands for 'Kaasan. Anyway, I'm (hopefully) back. A music update later on this week, but for now... enjoy this. :3

Last Quarter

I love, love, love the imagery used for this movie. Absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy. ♥
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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2005|11:12 pm]
Leg@L ___ DrUg :/:/:
School, finals, etc.--you know the drill. But I'm back. And I've uploaded Gackt's new PV. If you have the time or the inclination, please provide a mirror. ♥

Gackt - Metamorphoze (PV)
file info: mpeg, and 60+ MB
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(no subject) [Apr. 29th, 2005|10:00 pm]
Leg@L ___ DrUg :/:/:
Gackt's new PV, "Black Stone."

Two mirrors. ^^;; If you take, please re-up. ♥

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(no subject) [Apr. 28th, 2005|10:54 pm]
Leg@L ___ DrUg :/:/:
[mood |busybusy]
[music |"Evergreen" -- HYDE]

Sorry all for the lack of updates. RL finally caught up with me with certain things... and because I've been trying to pay a little bit more attention to _fake_wings and silvered_tongue. ^^;; However, uploading a ton of stuff now to make up for it. ♥ ...and no comments this time for each thing/song because there's a lot of stuff. T_T Just know that I like the stuff that I'm putting up and so download it...? ^^;;

-please comment if you download?

The TRAX - Rhapsody (PV)
-for anyone who doesn't already have it/seen it



Miyavi - Freedom Fighters PV sample

The TRAX, BoA, and Dong Bang Shin Ki - live performance of "Tri-Angle"


Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Haruka Kanata (PV)

Ayumi Hamasaki - About You (PV)

HYDE - Kagen no Tsuki clips

Seo Taiji - Robot (PV)
-favorite Seo Taiji PV, anyone? Download. NOW.

V6 - Change The World (PV)
-you know how every single most people have a guilty pleasure boy band? V6 is mine. ♥

Takui - Appearance on Live Depot
-Takuiiiiiii. ♥

Takui - Shinkirou (PV)
-*pets him* silly little thing, how I adore you~♥

Gackt - Oricon interview (about Black Stone and PV preview)

Glay - Innocence (PV)


Sakurai Atsushi - Neko

Gackt - Sayounara

P'UNK~EN~CIEL - kasou heisei juu nananen

Maaya Sakamoto - Fate

Takui - 6-caster-9

The TRAX - Vampire

L'Arc~en~Ciel - New World

Seo Taiji - Robot
-the song to go with the PV~ ♥

H.O.T - For Yunga (A Song For Lady)

Akeboshi - morning high

Violet UK - I'll Be Your Love

Buck-Tick - Genzai

Kishimoto Hayami - Onaji Sekai de

LASTIER - Dive Into Shine (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne OP2)

LiN Clover - too beautiful
-Ren's new baaaand~ ♥

Kiyoharu - Melancholy

12012 - Ame, Saku Giora Tosareta Nakaku

Kangta - Confession

Takui - Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Cover)
-this song? is love. ♥

Mai Yamane - Want It All Back

Moon Hee Jun - Media

TRANSTIC NERVE - Parallel trip

*plug!* --> midnight_crow, my friend's music rotation LJ ♥
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(no subject) [Mar. 14th, 2005|03:12 am]
Leg@L ___ DrUg :/:/:
So instead of sleeping, I stayed up for most of the night, RPing as Takui with Fiancee's Typhoon. XD;;

Ah, well. You all get an quick update out of it. Neko Grab Bags this time, all zipped. ♥

Neko Grab Bag #1
Acidman - Colors of the Wind
alicenine - Hana Ichi Yaiba
Baroque - Gakidou
Tenimyu - [Tennis no Oujisama The Musical] - I'm Always Winner
Yoshiki and Toshi - kimi ga inai kara

Neko Grab Bag #2
Azama Mew - Lovely Yell
Bi - Love You
LiN Clover - wheel
Spirited Away OST - Dare mo Inai Ryouriten (An Empty Restaurant)
Kyo - Jintai mokei 12 inch nationale terebi

Neko Grab Bag #3
Kiyoharu - Perfume
LASTIER - Dive Into Shine (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne OP2)
ORIGA - Mizu no Madoromi [Russian Version]
Moon Hee Jun - Longing For You
Schwein - World's Junk



Gackt and ice cream
-clip from Platinum Box IV; Gackt's eating ice cream, and it... ummm... falls down. XD;; I love this clip, and I actually own the IV box set that this is from. It's such a cute clip, especially when Gackt pauses and looks down at the fallen ice cream. XD;; *hugs the dork*

The TRAX - Over The Rainbow (Piano Version) [PV]
-the PV for "Over The Rainbow (Piano Version)" came out earlier this weekend, as most of the hardcore TRAX fans know. Mika pointed out that this PV is somewhat low budget--going over photoshoots and such--but I think that the PV suits the song. The song is slower than most of their normal stuff, so it'd be harder to do a PV for it. Besides that... I get to watch Rose. What could be bad about that? >D
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(no subject) [Mar. 9th, 2005|01:24 am]
Leg@L ___ DrUg :/:/:
Just a quick update while I avoid study for Anthrophology midterm tomorrow.

-->comment if you download, support the artist, delete the mp3s within 24 hours, worship me :D

Downloads still available *coughs*MOONHEEJUN*coughs* in the last update here.



TAKUI - Sabara Matenrou no Fairy Tale (LIVE).mpg
-I noticed that Takui was getting a lot of downloads in the last update, which makes me happy. :D I absolutely adore Takui (even RP him~ XD), and this file is the first anything that I got of his. I put up the original mp3 in the other post, so here's the performance that he does of it on All Night Nippon. Takui? Yes: If you couldn't already tell, he is highly talented. He's capable of singing well in many types of music 'genres,' and he does them all very well. I just find it sad that you can't really see/hear just how rich his voice is until he sings some of the slower songs.
...he also happens to be a dork. As you can see at the end of this file. XD It is Anna-sempai's and my goal to go to one of his concerts in Japan. Apparently, if you're a gaijin in the audience, he stops and points at you, going: "GAIJIN! :OOO" He's such a little loser. XD ♥



The Calling - **English
-Sadly enough, it was my mother who got me into The Calling. (But she also got me into The Phantom of the Opera, so meh. XD) Anyway, their sound is more mellow rock, with a hint of folk genre to it. The lyrics are lovely and deep: I hadn't really expected to like this band, but I did. "Dreaming In Red" is one of the songs that I'm rather blank towards (still good, though!), but I love "One By One."

Dreaming In Red
One By One

T.M. Revolution
-As some of you may remember, I put up the zip for the album a while ago, but I never really uploaded individual tracks from vertical infinity. Well, now I am. :D If you know me, you know that I love TMR. So much. XD;; (Too much, could be argued~) I really like TMR's newest album. It's a little bit rockier than previous stuff, with more of an emphasis on instruments (guitar especially), but his vocals are as strong and as awesome as always.

TO - RI - KO

-Heh. >D Kuroyume~ One of the "harder" J-rock bands. Their sound reminds me of Dir en grey and Kagerou, only... better. XD Kiyoharu's vocals are a little bit sharper than I'm used to, but it suits him. A lot. I love this band (and SADS, and now Kiyoharu, since he's solo~). I've even been able to get Anna-sempai into them. Am rather proud about that, since it knocked me up one for our 'competition.' XD Anyway, go and download Kuroyume/SADS/Kiyoharu if you like J-rock.


Okui Masami
-Wah. *_* Okaui Masami. ♥ If anyone has seen the Revolutionary Girl Utena series, and the movie, you'll recognize her voice. RGU was the anime that had gotten me into anime as a whole, and I've always adored it. The music just made it perfect. ^^ "Kiss In The Dark." is my favorite song from Okui Masami, though "Toki Ni Ai Wa" I absolutely adore. The second is from the RGU movie. I'm uploading it because: 1) It's gorgeous. And 2) It reminds me of her. ♥ The song also happens to be the one that's sung during Utena and Anthy's dance, which I personally think is the most gorgeously animated segment ever.

Kiss In The Dark.
Toki Ni Ai Wa


Sakurai Atsushi and Tsuchiya Masami - A Midsummer Night's Forest
-Saaaaaaaaakuraiiiiiii. ♥ If anyone who downloads this song and guesses (correctly) who the singer is--BY VOCALS ALONE--I'll give them two free mp3 requests. >D Anyway, the song has an interesting mix between Sakurai Atsushi's smooth vocals, and a (heavy) emphasis on guitar parts. It makes an interesting combination, though I personally believe that the guitar sometimes manages to take over a little bit. ^^;;

Acidman - Spaced Out
-Acidman has grown on me. Scarily so. XD;; Personally, I think that it's because I'm too lazy to shuffle songs on i!Takui, and Acidman is the first band that plays. So I've been listening to the songs a lot lately. ^^ This song has a slower feel to it, almost old jazz-y, but... not. XD The vocals remind me of Ryutaro of Plastic Tree, what with the breathy qualities and such. Very easy listening.

America - The Last Unicorn
-And here is where I attempt to suck you all into my fandoms. >D One of my favorite movies is The Last Unicorn. America sang the songs for it, and this happens to be the opening to the movie. DEFINTELY 60-70's feel to the song. (Because the movie is old. XD) Light wind instruments and acoustic guitar. Oh, so pretty~ *_* Download this song because I say so. >[

Moon Hee Jun - Puppy
-A story with this upload~! >)
Neko-chan: Hey, Anna, look. Moon Hee Jun has a song called 'Puppy.'
Anna: I wonder what they're singing about?
Neko-chan: ...the best way to prepare it? >D
Anna: Neeeeeeko-chan~! XD;;
So, yes. Neko-chan is mean. But Neko-chan happens to like this Korean band, so that automatically means that they're fair game. *grins* If you've noticed, I tend to upload several songs from my favorite artists. To help you guys, that usually means: "Oh, Neko-chan must really LIKE this artist." Anyway, if you like The TRAX (download a couple different songs at once, and you'll see what I mean), you'll probably like this band. So get this song, and then go and get the other songs in the other post. *brainwashes you all* :D

Moon Hee Jun - Red and White (Live Version)
-Same comments as above, except for the bad joke about eating puppies. XD;;

Maaya Sakamoto - The Garden of Everything
-I like Maaya Sakamoto, and Anna tells me that she's going to be one of the guests for Anime Expo this year. I'm excited about that, and I hope that she sings--but isn't the main singer, because I'm hoping for a couple of different bands. ^^;; Maaya's voice is clear, and I really like that in a female singer. I just like... well, her. XD

Savage Garden and Jay Chou - Truly Madly Deeply Simple Love
-This was requested, but I was planning on putting it up, anyway. Before anyone gets their hopes up, Jay Chou and Savage Garden didn't perform together. XD;; Instead, this is a song that a fan did--she/he merged the two songs. This is THE BEST fansong that I've heard. Ever. I had a couple of friends listen to it, and the most common comment was: "Oh, my God. You can't even tell where one song ends and the other begins. It sounds like one song, sung by two singers." That should tell you something.


File Sharing Policy And Looking For Artists [mp3s and video files]Collapse )
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[Announcement] [Mar. 8th, 2005|04:23 pm]
Leg@L ___ DrUg :/:/:
[mood |surprisedsurprised]
[music |"Truly Madly Deeply Simple Love" Savage Garden and Jay Chou]

Um, wow. ^^;;

When I first made this journal, I had never expected to get very big--maybe have twenty people, at the most, friend it. I checked the user info just now, and there are over two hundred people friending this mp3 rotation journal. Thanks so much, you guys. You're all awesome. ♥

Anyway, because of that, I've come to a decision: It's harder to keep track of all of the people, and who's friended this journal and who's not. Because of that, I'll only have music rotation journals my my friends list. If you're one of the people with the rotation journal, leave a comment and I'll add your rotation journal [back] once you friend me first.

However, this doesn't change anything. I'm just friending music rotation journals, that's it.

I will NOT be going friends-only anytime in the near future, so you guys that still have me friended will be able to keep up with the updates and such.

Thank you again~ ♥

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[It's Aliiiiiiive. XD] [Mar. 8th, 2005|12:14 am]
Leg@L ___ DrUg :/:/:
So Neko-chan and her new laptop, Meevers, have returned. ♥ And yes, I did name my computer Meevers, after Miyavi. XD;;

Thank you all so much for your patience. You all rock. ♥

Anyway, today I got the new computer, and--in celebration--I made a quick post. More Japanese, Korean, and English music for you. XD
Quick Question, Though: Anyone know the .html tag that opens a link into a new window? Everyone that I've asked hasn't known. XD;;

ATTENTION ANONYMOUS USERS: I know how hard it is to keep up with mp3 rotation LJs when you don't have your own LJ. If you'd like, you can leave your email address(es) in a comment, and I'll email you every time I make an update. ♥

First of all, anything that says Darren Hayes or Takui, I demand that you download. The songs (Darren Hayes) are from his new album (released at the end of 2004) [CD: The Tension And The Spark], and I just got it today. Take them, love them, buy the CD (Amazon.com ♥), or I'll eat you all. In regards to Takui, take them, love them, buy the CD (YesAsia.com ♥), or I'll eat you all. >[
-Another Note: Dir en grey songs are uploaded from their newest album. I knew that I could a couple of Dir en grey fans on the flist, so~ those are for you, you guys.

ANNA: Don't download the Moon Hee Jun. I haven't gotten the actual songs that I'm giving to you off of the old computer yet.


Miyavi - Fuminshou no Nemuri-hime
-I love all of Meev's stuff, but I have three favorite songs. This is one of them. The song essentially translates to 'Insomniac Sleeping Beauty.' Nemuri-hime being Sleeping Beauty, and fuminshou being insomniac. *shakes her head at Miyavi* You l0ser. XD;;

Miyavi - Happi Endo no Uta

Moon Hee Jun - To Live Is To Fight

Moon Hee Jun - Alone

Moon Hee Jun - I (Human Individual Cloning)

Moon Hee Jun - Virus

Taebin - Real Luv Story feat. Wheesung and Se7en

Taebin - Chungdor feat. Se7en

Seo TaiJi - Robot

Seo Taiji - F.M. Business (live)

Dir en grey - Higeki wa me futa wo oroshita yasashiki

Dir en grey - dead tree

Dir en grey - Merciless Cult

Luna Sea - In My Dream (With Shiver)

Spirited Away OST - Yuya no Asa (The Morning of the Bath House)

Spirited Away OST - Ano Natsu he (To That Summer)

TAKUI - Can't Help Falling In Love (Cover) DOWNLOAD THIS. NOW.

Takui - Saraba Matenro no Fairy Tale


takui - sparkle man

Takui - mother sky

Darren Hayes - Void

Darren Hayes - Dublin Sky

Darren Hayes - Light

Darren Hayes - Darkness


Kiyoharu - Horizon (PV preview).wmv

L'arc en Ciel - Ken smacks Hyde's penguin.wmv

Plastic Tree - Reset (LIVE).mpg
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(no subject) [Feb. 27th, 2005|09:47 pm]
Leg@L ___ DrUg :/:/:

As some of you may recall, I had to take my computer in during Christmas break to get fixed. That didn't help and, currently, it's just... dying. It has been shutting down for the past week every five to twenty minutes. It's gotten to the point that I can't even do my school work on it, let alone uploads for this journal.

However, I have ordered a new computer from Amazon, and will be getting it within the next two weeks. Until then, please be patient and praise whatever (un)god(s) you worship for the fact that I shoved all of my video and music files onto my external hard drive.

Until the new computer comes, ja ne.


P.S. - And please remember to always be nice to college room mates, especially ones that let you onto their computers so that you can get work done. ♥
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